Born and raised in Kyushu, Japan. Lived in Kyoto, Tokyo and Hokkaido. Traveled extensively in Central and South America where I learned Spanish and wide-range of horticulture. Worked in Spain for a Swiss Travel Agency, Kuoni as a tour organizer, translator and a guide. Moved to the U.S. and lived in several coastal cities including Boston and Seattle. Taught myself Unicode and worked at Microsoft as a program manager and produced some successful products including Bookshelf integrating features online across various applications. I had a powerful epiphany to become a landscape architect while raising two teenagers, because I thought I could use many special skills I have, could be utilized in this profession all at once.I grew up playing in a zen garden and rice fields in the beautiful agricultural town in Japan, while immersing myself in European movies and literature. My cells are made up of unusual combination of the experience and interests. My current work is focused on residential landscape designs, but my interest and capability shouldn’t be confined in any particular arena. I have commitments to keep learning and growing and utilize my skills for the betterment of the community I live in and beyond.