As a student at Doshisha University in Kyoto, I found great pleasure in strolling Zen gardens while studying philosophy and psychology. During extensive travel in Europe, South America and Asia, I observed international gardens and public spaces with intense curiosity and enjoyment. These  youthful experiences planted the seeds that eventually grew into my landscape architecture career and still inform my passion and vision for each project.

I am well-versed, as a landscape architect, in designing crisp modern spaces, but I appreciate traditional and nostalgic gardens as well. I am LID (Low Impact Development) certified and have extensive experience in environmentally responsible landscape designs to meet today’s increasingly rigorous environmental regulations.

My goal for residential landscape design is to achieve maximum potential  for both the land and the home-owners’ enjoyment of the land without compromising their budget.

Over the years, I have developed a vast list of plants appropriate for any design or environment. Also, I have extensive field knowledge about draining systems and hardscape options through my enjoyable and detailed work with construction experts. Having worked at Microsoft for several years, I am quite comfortable with the use of technology to create my landscape designs, and I have an innate understanding of how things are assembled and operate, which is also useful to my clients.

The reason I decided to become an independent  landscape architect (instead of working in a corporate environment) is to free myself to create the most innovative and personalized design for each client.

My first visit to your site is always free of charge (in Seattle metropolitan area) as I have a mission to help people through my knowledge. My goal is to ensure that you find pleasure in your own outdoor sanctuary.