On top of the deck railing has a wide IPE board which is slightly inclined in order to prevent standing water while acting as a tray to hold drinks and small plates.

These slip resistant porcelain pavers by Pental are easy to clean and last for a long time.

The contractor and I chose the right materials and technology for the sturdy, safe and beautiful deck.

Construction Credit:

Glenn Cooper construction

Life-size outdoor chessboard

Construction Credit:

Glenn Cooper construction

Gas fire pit. Ever detail, the size, height, width are carefully computed so that it can accommodate chairs, at the same time guests sitting on the seating wall can be warm.

Construction Credit:

Ohashi Landscape Services

1/4″ thick steel edging lasts for a long time. It creates a crisp separation between different materials.

Construction credit:

Left: Ohashi Landscape Services

Right: Orion Landscapes

Trellis made with galvanized steel frame and galvanized mesh panel is truly carefree.  Basically no maintenance is required. The trellis was installed between heavy weight concrete planters and the wall using shims.

Fabrication/Co-design credit:

Morgan Goldberg

I have designed numerous Cor-ten steel planters. It is important to use braces and angle iron to prevent it from warping.

We re-purposed the existing rocks by re-locating and re-arranging to build a beautiful retaining wall.


John Hermsen

Down to Earth Landscaping

The natural bluestone stairs are beautiful. Using concrete block risers cuts the cost dramatically.

Construction Credit:

Glenn Cooper Construction

Installing rocks requires focus. Rocks demand respect. Here experienced installers from the rock center, landscape contractors, homeowners and I had almost an intimate moment to welcome the rocks to their permanent home.